Portfolio: Josefina Fernández Morán

Tati, is an ongoing project in which I want to create an intimate portrait of my mother. Her name is Tatiana, but we all call her Tati. I watch her carefully as I photograph her. I observe her gestures: the way she smokes a cigarette, the way she applies her lipstick. My aim is to discover something more about her, something I haven’t seen before. I sense that the more I watch her, the better I understand her. My mother has been distant and guarded, especially as a young woman and mother. She has built a wall around her and many times it was difficult to reach her to feel close to her.

The portraits take place in her house, where curtains in a soft shade of yellow diffuse the summer light or a photo of her as a young woman decorates a wall. Tati is confident in the world she created; she moves in it with total ease.

I see her; with her elegant hair style, her pearls, and that singular shade of red lipstick that I remember she has used since I was a child. As I look at the images,I have taken over time I see her strength, but I also see a woman that has been aging gradually before my eyes. I feel at times the distance between us, but I also sense that this collaboration has allowed us to become closer.

I often travel home to Buenos Aires where I continue to photograph her.

© Josefina Fernández Morán

About Josefina

Josefina F Moran is a portrait and fine art photographer. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY although her work often takes her back to Buenos Aires.

She uses portraiture as a way to discover the identity of the people she photographs. In her work, she explores intimate relationships, as she does in Tati, a series of portraits of her mother. In Portraits of girls in the street and the on-going Adolescent Girls at Home her portraits aim to capture teenage girls at pivotal moments in their lives.

She is one of the recipients of the En Foco Fellowship in 2020. Her work has been exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions such as the Consulate of Argentina (New York 2021) the Latin American Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery (New York 2018) and Umbrella Arts (New York 2016 and 2018) She was among the selected winners of The Photo Review in 2019 and 2020.

Currently she is a faculty member at the International Center of Photography. She works with photographer Harvey Stein to teach workshops in Argentina during the celebration of Carnaval. She taught photography in her native Buenos Aires.

Before becoming a photographer Josefina had a successful career as a makeup artist. She worked with artist Cindy Sherman in her feature film Office Killer as well as with top directors and production companies in Buenos Aires.

Find more about the work of Josefina in her website and on Instagram (@josefinafmoran)

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