Portfolio: Lou Peralta

Disassemble Series, these unique three-dimensional hand-constructed works in this series are part of my continuous exploration of portraiture as a reflection of the energy and complexity of the human being. As when we see our face reflected in running water, it’s never static — we are constantly moving, our states of mind shifting and evolving; we are like a perfect machine creating moments in our life.

© Lou Peralta

About Lou Peralta

She is the fourth generation of a family of portrait photographers. After more than 30 years as an editorial photographer herself, she decided to devote full time to creating her own contemporary photography in which she explores portraiture and fuse pre-Hispanic influences with contemporary culture, often extending her photographic works on paper by imbedding physical references to historical and contemporary domestic life.

She obtained an undergraduate degree in graphic design, she then completed a specialty course in contemporary photography at Node Center for Curatorial Studies. In addition to her Contemporary Photography practice, she is working with her father Héctor Herrera on a book project celebrating her family photography business that spans four generations on its Centennial anniversary.

She is a Fujifilm Mexico Brand Ambassador, joining a worldwide group of “X-Photographers”.

Find more about the work of Lou, on her webiste and on Instagram (@lou_peralta_photo_based_artist)

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